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Modern Native Feasts

Contemporary, imaginative interpretations of First Nations cuisine, including lighter, healthier, and more nutritious versions of traditional recipes.

Native American cuisine comes of age in this elegant, ...

Vegan Secret Supper

The art of the convivial, joyful meal shared with friends and family has evolved in recent years. The growing popularity of dinner clubs and themed potlucks attests to our desire for get-togethers at ...

Gorilla Food

Raw food diets have exploded in popularity in recent years; some believe that the cooking process destroys nutrients and even produces dangerous chemicals through the interaction of heat with fat, protein, ...

The Tastes of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old healing tradition from India linked to the development of yoga, is based on the concept that one's physical, mental, and spiritual well-being comes from a number of sources, ...

The New Granville Island Market Cookbook

By Judie Glick & Carol Jensson
Categories: Cooking

Vancouver's Granville Island Public Market, established in 1979, is one of Canada's largest and most popular public markets. Featuring over fifty food retailers and day vendors, the Public Market is the ...

We Sure Can!

By Sarah B. Hood
Categories: Cooking

Taste Canada Award Finalist

We Sure Can! celebrates the ongoing "Canvolution," in which urban "preservationists," local-food aficionados, rural picklers and jammers, and food bloggers are rediscovering ...

A Feast for All Seasons

Traditional North American Native peoples'
cuisine has existed for centuries, but its central
tenet of respecting nature and its bounty have
never been as timely as they are now. Andrew
George, of the ...

From the Olive Grove

The healthful virtues of olive oil, a key component of the Mediterranean diet, have become
well-known in recent years; its monounsaturated
fats and antioxidants are beneficial in preventing
heart disease ...

Go Vegan! 2011 Wall Calendar

With four bestselling cookbooks under her belt, including the recent tenth anniversary edition of her classic How It All Vegan! (co-authored with Tanya Barnard), Sarah Kramer is North America's vegan sweetheart, ...

Ripe from Around Here

Get It Ripe, jae steele's 2008 cookbook, established her as a credible and charismatic authority on veganism; her holistic nutritionist background and sassy cowpunk sensibility encouraged countless others ...