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Individuals can order books from their friendly, neighbourhood bookstore, OR directly from Arsenal Pulp Press through our online shopping cart.

Those experiencing difficulty may contact

All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges. Items may be replaced (but not returned) at our discretion if damaged in transit; please contact us with specific inquiries.


Retailers and Institutions

Retailers and institutions can order books through our distributors and sales agents:

University of Toronto Press Distribution (UTP)
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON
M3H 5T8
Tel: 1-800-565-9533
Fax: 1-800-221-9985

United States
Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
34 Thirteenth Ave NE, Suite 101
Minneapolis, MN 55413-1007
Tel: 612-746-2600
Phone orders (Consortium): 800-283-3572
Phone orders and customer service (Ingram in Jackson, TN): 800-343-4499
Fax orders: 800-351-5073
Electronic orders: IPS SAN 6318630
Email (orders only):
Mail (orders only): 210 American Dr., Jackson, TN 38301-5037

United Kingdom/Europe
Turnaround Publisher Services
Unit 3, Olympia Trading Estate
Coburg Road, Wood Green
London N22 6TZ
Tel: 020-8829-3000
Fax: 020-8881-5088

Australia/New Zealand
NewSouth Books
c/o TL Distribution
15-23 Helles Ave.
Moorebank, NSW, 2170


Canadian Sales Representation

Ampersand Inc.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saktchewan, Manitoba, Yukon, Nunavut:
Dani Farmer
Tel: 604-337-4053; ext 403

Kim Herter
Tel: 604-337-4054; ext 401

Ali Hewitt
Tel: 604-337-4052; ext 402

Pavan Ranu
604-337-4055; ext 400

Dayle Sutherland
604-337-2441; ext 404

Saffron Beckwith
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext 124; toll-free 1-866-736-5620

Laureen Cusack
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext 120; toll-free 1-866-736-5620

Vanessa Di Gregorio
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext 122; toll-free 1-866-736-5620

Jenny Enriquez
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext. 126; toll-free 1-866-736-5620
Fax: 416-703-4745; toll-free 1-866-849-3819

Sarah Gilligan
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext 129; toll-free 1-866-736-5620

Kris Hykel
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext 127; toll-free 1-866-736-5620

Morgen Young
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext. 128; toll-free 1-866-736-5620

Quebec and Atlantic Provinces:
Kris Hykel
Tel: 416-703-0666 ext 127; toll-free 1-866-736-5620