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Vegan Secret Supper - Bold & Elegant Menus from a Rogue Kitchen

Vegan Secret Supper

Bold & Elegant Menus from a Rogue Kitchen

By Merida Anderson
Categories: Health, Vegan & Vegetarian, Cooking
Paperback : 9781551524962, 224 pages, 2013


The art of the convivial, joyful meal shared with friends and family has evolved in recent years. The growing popularity of dinner clubs and themed potlucks attests to our desire for get-togethers at home that are out of the ordinary; as well, temporary pop-ups and secret supper locales (where the address is often kept under wraps) are redefining the notion of the traditional restaurant meal. But where do vegans fit into all this fun for foodies?

Vegan Secret Supper is a collection of imaginative, delectable, animal-free recipes by chef Merida Anderson of VSS (Vegan Secret Supper), a dining club that she has run in Vancouver, Montreal, and New York. At VSS, Merida creates amazing vegan dishes that prove that sophisticated, spectacular dinner parties do not require the use of animal products. With her focus on menu-planning and simple, seasonal ingredients, she offers readers all the tools they need to create healthy, sumptuous meals, whether it's a dish for a potluck, a romantic dinner for two, or a celebration for twenty.

Full-colour throughout, the book's recipes include Split Pea Bisque with Minted Cream; Smoke-Blanched Cauliflower on Red Quinoa Tabouli; Walnut and Roasted Yam Croquettes with Ancho Balsamic Beet Reduction; and Dark Chocolate Cake with Avocado Mint Ice Cream. Merida's culinary perspective and delectable menu ideas will inspire you to create your own vegan secret supper club at home.


This cookbook includes 150 creative recipes with suggestions on how to plate dishes.
-Vegetarian Journal

There is no doubting the creativity of Merida Anderson, author, and host of Vegan Secret Suppers all over the continent - she puts flavours together in a way that makes me a little jealous that I didn't think of first (and I'm pretty creative with combinations!).
-Year of the Vegan

A lovely new book by Merida Anderson, a young self-trained vegan chef who cooks the most inventive, intricate and delicately flavoured dishes. -Montreal Gazette

An incredibly helpful book for someone who likes to host dinner parties where every single guest feels honored.
-Austin Chronicle

Merida Anderson's recipes, and the photos that illustrate them, are elegant and innovative . .. This is a cookbook made for weekend dinner parties where you want to show off ("AND it's vegan!" you'll boast). Who wouldn't be impressed by Fennel Portobello Soup with Smoke-Infused Olive Oil or Sherry-Roasted Root Vegetables on Brown Rice Kale Pilaf?
-Well+Good NYC