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From the Olive Grove - Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil

From the Olive Grove

Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil

By Helen Koutalianos & Anastasia Koutalianos
Categories: Cooking
Paperback : 9781551523675, 200 pages, 2010
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The healthful virtues of olive oil, a key component of the Mediterranean diet, have become
well-known in recent years; its monounsaturated
fats and antioxidants are beneficial in preventing
heart disease by controlling LDL ("bad") cholesterol
levels while simultaneously raising HDL
("good") cholesterol levels.

Helen Koutalianos has preached the gospel of
olive oil and its benefits for years; at the same
time, consumers across North America have
become more sophisticated and appreciative
of flavorful, boutique olive oils that are not
mass produced. In this charming, intimate
cookbook, Helen and her daughter Anastasia
have collected 150 delectable,
Mediterranean-inspired recipes (Greek and beyond), many of
which have been passed along from Helen's
mother and grandmother, in which olive oil
is a central ingredient; these include Olive
Oil Poached Lamb, Quail with Olives, Turkish
Kebab with Garlic, Shrimp and Feta Casserole,
Octopus in Wine Sauce, Seared Scallop and
Prawn Gazpacho, Artichokes with Lemon, and
Kolokethakia Yemista (Stuffed Zucchinis with
Lemon Egg Sauce).

The book also takes readers through the artisan olive oil-making process, from cultivating and processing the fruit to the production of the
oil itself. Complemented with full-color photographs of recipes, From the Olive Grove will seduce and inspire readers to create their own delicious, heart-healthy meals at home.


This useful, straightforward, and informative cookbook is a valuable addition, especially considering the popularity of and emphasis on healthy cooking. It will appeal to seasoned cooks as well as novices.
-Library Journal

- Library Journal

Our favourite local cookbook, and one we plan to cook our way through in 2011. Well-loved, delicious recipes from the Greek family who bring Vancouver its best olive oil, along with contributions from friends and customers who happen to be some of British Columbia's top chefs.
-City Food (Vancouver)

- City Food

For any fan of Greek-style cooking and olive oil, From the Olive Grove is filled with useful dishes to prepare.
-Midwest Book Review

- Midwest Book Review

I will be using From the Olive Grove: Mediterranean Cooking with Olive Oil in my own kitchens! The recipes make use of the richness ofolive oil in both traditional and innovative Mediterranean dishes. Truly a cooking companion for everyone!
-Chef Marcus VonAlbrecht, Vice President of North America for AREGALA; Past President of the BC Chef's Association

- Marcus VonAlbrecht

Nothing could be simpler or more approachable than the Koutalianos' Fasolakia Yahni (green bean and potato stew) or their Turkish Kebabs with Garlic and the Fennel Salad is so simple, it almost makes itself. Even the newest cook will find themselves with an interesting new repertoire with From the Olive Grove.
-January Magazine

- January

What I liked best about this cookbook is that it is a fresh take on a somewhat underrated cuisine, filled with "real" Greek family recipes that I would actually be motivated to cook. It reminded me more of the food-stained classics that occupy a shelf in my kitchen than those taking up space on the coffee table. With the growing popularity of the Mediterranean diet, Greek cuisine deserves its due and this cookbook provides it.
-The Olive Oil Source

- The Olive Oil Source

This is a wonderful book that I hope convinces readers that nothing tastes as wonderful--or is as good for you--as something made with olive oil, especially when accompanied by a good glass of wine and delicious appetizers like hummus and babaganoush.
-Dr. Art Hister

- Art Hister

This cookbook contains a wonderful combination of Greek classics, treasured family recipes, and some wonderful recipes as supplied by the chefs who rely on the family's olive oil for their restaurant's needs. It's quite evident this family is comfortable acting as ambassadors of Greek cuisine; their enthusiasm is embodied in their importation of the family's olive oil to the West.
-Peter Minakis, Kalofagas

- Peter Minakis