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Vive le Vegan! - Simple, Delectable Recipes for the Everyday Vegan Family

Vive le Vegan!

Simple, Delectable Recipes for the Everyday Vegan Family

By Dreena Burton
Categories: Cooking, Vegan & Vegetarian, Health
Paperback : 9781551521695, 192 pages, 2004
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Veganism--the animal-free diet--is here to stay. And Dreena Burton, author of the bestselling The Everyday Vegan, is here to show you how the decision to "go green" doesn't mean you have to sacrifice nutrition or flavor, and in fact will make you and your family feel healthier and more alive.

Dreena and her husband became parents three years ago, and their decision to raise their daughter as vegan from birth has made the need for an animal-free diet that is fully nutritional all the more crucial. But as Dreena demonstrates in Vive le Vegan!, there's no need to panic: there are simple methods and delectable ingredients you can use that will allow you--whether you're single or have a family--to become vegan without having to be a rocket scientist. And who said that vegan meals lack pizzazz? Not when you can make:
Berry Hemp Smoothies, Fresh Jicama and Cucumber Slaw, Hearty Roasted Tomato Stew, Carrot-Shitake Spring Rolls, Chipotle Veggie Bean Burritos, Moroccan Chickpea Patties, Apple Cardamom Cake with Creamy Lemon Maple Frosting

The recipes in Vive le Vegan! also don't always require soy, given recent concerns about over-consumption, and many feature whole grains and hemp. They're also disarmingly easy to prepare. So it's time to give up your qualms about the vegan lifestyle and celebrate its vivid possibilities. Vive le vegan!
Now in its 5th printing!


Dreena proves that it doesn't take huge amounts of culinary training to learn how to prepare delicious vegan meals. Vive le Vgean! gives you everything you need to get going, all in one fun and inviting book
-Eric Marcus, author of Meat Market:Animals, Ethics and Money

- Eric Marcus

Enthusiastically recommended for vegans, vegetarians, and even meat eaters with an interest in giving their cholestoral levels a break now and then.
-Wisconsin Bookwatch

- Wisconsin Bookwatch

This book is a wonderful resource for the vegan family and those who are looking for wheat free alternatives or wheat free recipes. It also has a whole section at the end for feeding babies and toddlers with a lot of great information.
-Vegan Family Style blog

- Vegan Family Style

Vegan cookie challenge: In the chocolate chip category, there was a clear winner. Dreena, the queen of cookies, did not disappoint. Her homestyle chocolate chip recipe from Vive le Vegan stood out against the competition. The judges described being transported back to their childhoods by Dreena's moist, chewy and chocolaty delights.
-Lifelines (Toronto Vegetarian Association)

- Lifelines (Toronto Vegetarian Assoc)

Dreena Burton author of the much beloved The Everyday Vegan, has outdone herself. ... The recipes are simple, highly nutritious, and most importantly, delectable. ... Vive le Vegan! is a marvelous recipe book but also serves as a guide for healthy vegan eating, with information on feeding vegan babies, how to cook grains and beans, and interesting hemp foods. A must for all serious vegan chefs and new veggies alike.
-Earthsave Canada newsletter

- Earthsave Canada newsletter

The great thing about Vive le Vegan! is that the recipes are easy to follow. ... For committed vegan with families, Vive le Vegan! will be a welcome addition to the kitchen shelf.
-Vancouver Humane Society Newsletter

- Vancouver Humane Soc

Homemakers magazine names Vive le Vegan as one of its 5 Favorite Vegetarian Cookbooks:

While many vegetarian recipes are heavy on cheese and other dairy ingredients, vegan cooking offers the added challenge of omitting all animal products. Not only does Burton meet this challenge with her recipes, but the book also offers many wheat-free and soy-free recipes for those with allergies to these common ingredients. This is her second vegan cookbook (the first was The Everyday Vegan), and it was inspired by her experience as a vegan mother, learning how to provide nutritious, animal-free and delicious food for her daughter. She shares what she's learned about vegan parenting in the chapter "Feeding Your Vegan Baby and Toddler. " And as any busy parent will love, the majority of recipes are designed for the time-challenged.

- Homemakers

Delicious, unique, and fun recipes make Vive le Vegan! the perfect cookbook for vegan families.
-Erin Pavlina, VegFamily. com


Vive le Vegan! welcomes a new vegan cook with open arms. ... this is a book to grow into, and a good companion for years of culinary adventure. Vive le Vive!

- VegNews Magazine