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The Garden of Vegan - How It All Vegan! Again

The Garden of Vegan

How It All Vegan! Again

By Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer
Categories: Vegan & Vegetarian, Cooking, Health
Paperback : 9781551521282, 256 pages, 2002
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When How It All Vegan!: Irresistible Recipes for an Animal-Free Diet was published in 1999, authors Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer were hailed for their fun and outlandish approach to vegan cooking, taking it out of the realm of the staid and the boring to create truly original animal-free dishes. Fifteen printings and 125,000 copies later, How It All Vegan! was a BookSense 76 selection in the US and is Arsenal's bestselling title to date.
The Garden of Vegan: How It All Vegan Again! picks up where the first book left off. Tanya and Sarah, vegan chefs extraordinaire, have created truly delectable, truly original new recipes that manage to leave the animal products (including butter, milk, cheese, and honey) where they belong, with their natural owners. Where How It All Vegan! was, in many ways, a bible for the uninitiated vegan, The Garden of Vegan goes one step further, offering recipes for a more sophisticated palate that add funky twists to familiar dishes bursting with colour and flavour. At the same time, they are fun and easy to prepare, even for those of us who find boiling water a challenge.
Whether you're a full-time vegan or just interested in creating fabulous animal-free meals, The Garden of Vegan will lead you into temptation with its inspiring array of vegan goodies. So skip that steak and forget that fish. It's time to discover how it all vegan, again! Two-colour throughout.
Now in its 8th printing!


Written in the most engaging way, it's full of recipes that are bound to appeal.
-Canadian Living

- Canadian Living

Their tatoos, their fashion sense, stolen from grandma's vintage trunk, and their irreverence, say it's not important to be earnest vegans; their recipes have an I-hate-to-cook-but-love-to-eat attitude.
-Vancouver Sun

- Vancouver Sun

[So] much more than straight recipes; Garden shows veganism as a fun and exciting way of life--complete with witty, often hilarious recipe intros and heartfelt stories. . .  
-Monday Magazine

- Monday Magazine

. . . this vegan's bible is packed with useful information delivered with the same political edge that made the first a hit.
-Vancouver Courier

- Vancouver Courier

The Garden of Vegan has got "hit" written all over it. . .
-The Vancouver Sun

- Vancouver Sun

[The Garden of Vegan] is packed with fun, fresh and animal-free recipes with names that should tempt anyone, whether veggie or not. With recipes like "Nummy Yummy Waffles," to "Linguine with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Sauce," to "Dean Dean the Sex Machine's Baked Donuts," the book covers every meal, and even in between.
-sceneandheard. ca


The authors' lively writing and tips. . . make this more than a cooking resource.
-E Magazine

- E Magazine

[Sarah and Tanya] teach the world at least two things: that being a vegan can be loads of fun and that vegan food is to die for.
-VegSource. com


. . . Barnard and Kramer give a taste of the vegan life, and show how sweet (and savory) it can be.
-Northwest Palate

- Northwest Palate