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Ten years ago, Faith Popcorn declared "the end of shopping" in her bestselling book The Popcorn Report. But from the looks of things, shopping is as pervasive as ever; we are a culture obsessed and beguiled ...

Out of the Darkness

The fearless monsters we think are our kind
The changes we take, the evil we love
The insane things we have all done
No one has won.

Teen suicide has long been considered one of society's darkest ...

Stan Douglas: Every Building on 100 West Hastings

The 100 block of Vancouver's West Hastings Street is the gateway to one of the most contested and controversial inner-city neighborhoods in North America--Vancouver's infamous and impoverished downtown ...

Where Fire Speaks

On the wild river that divides Namibia from Angola, members of the Himba tribe herd cattle as they have done for hundreds of years. The women wear thick coils of jewelry and skirts of animal skin; there ...

In a Queer Country

In terms of rights and freedoms for queers, Canada holds an international reputation as among the most liberal of nations. Yet this picture of harmonious gay and lesbian assimilation is nothing if not ...

The Face in the Mirror

"When I look in the mirror, I don't know who I am. "
Being a teenager in today's complex world is a difficult enough task, but adopted teens have a unique struggle: to discover their identity and ...

Bad Jobs

Bad Jobs is an anthology of tales--both humorous and tragic--about the worst jobs people have ever held.
This collection of stories, comics, and photographs depict, in gory true-life detail, examples ...

Victims of Benevolence

An unsettling study of two tragic events at an Indian residential school in British Columbia which serve as a microcosm of the profound impact the residential school system had on Aboriginal communities ...

A Little Rebellion

In 1964, social worker Bridget Moran attracted widespread attention and the wrath of the BC government with her open letter to Premier W. A.C. Bennett, charging the welfare department with gross neglect ...