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I Promise

I Promise

Text by Catherine Hernandez
Illustrated by Syrus Marcus Ware
Categories: BIPOC, Asian Literature, Black Literature, LGBTQ+, Trans Literature, Gay Literature, Lesbian Literature
Hardcover : 9781551527796, 32 pages, 2019


Catherine Hernandez's literary career exploded with the 2017 publication of her award-winning novel Scarborough. Her latest, I Promise, marks her delightful return to children's literature, having published her first children's book, M Is for Mustache: A Pride ABC Book, in 2015.

Featuring tender-hearted illustrations by renowned artist Syrus Marcus Ware, I Promise captures with love and honesty the intimate moments of parenting in all their messy glory - from dealing with a kid who doesn't want to brush their teeth to looking under the bed for monsters to cuddling after a long day. This charming picture book showcases the many shapes, sizes, and colours that families come in, emphasizing that every queer family starts with the sacred promise to love a child.


Hernandez's narrative is less an explanation of what queer families are than it is a quiet celebration of their presence. A normalizing view of often stigmatized families, tenderly told.