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Well Fed, Flat Broke - Recipes for Modest Budgets & Messy Kitchens

Well Fed, Flat Broke

Recipes for Modest Budgets & Messy Kitchens

By Emily Wight
Categories: Cooking
Paperback : 9781551525792, 258 pages, 2015
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A down-to-earth cookbook that proves you don't need a lot of money to create nutritious, beautiful meals at home.

In this winsome cookbook, blogger Emily Wight offers fantastic recipes, ideas, and advice on how to prepare imaginative, nutritious, and delectable meals without breaking the bank. Perfect for students, families, and anyone on a budget, Well-Fed, Flat Broke proves that while you may occasionally be flat broke, you can always be well fed.

This collection of 120 recipes ranges from the simple (perfect scrambled eggs, rice and lentils) to the sublime (Orecchiette with White Beans and Sausage, Mustard-fried Chicken). Chapters are organized by ingredient so that you can easily build a meal from what you have on hand. Well Fed, Flat Broke has flavours to please every palette including Thai, Dutch, Indonesian, and Latin American-inspired recipes such as Kimchi Pancakes, Salvadoran Roast Chicken, and Pantry Kedgeree, reflecting a diverse array of affordable ingredients and products in grocery stores, markets, and delis.

Emily is a working mother and wife who lives with a picky toddler in one of Canada's most expensive cities. She offers readers real-talk about food, strategic shopping tips, sound advice for picky eaters, and suggestions on how to build a well-stocked, yet inexpensive pantry. Cooking every night can be challenging for busy families who are short on time and lean in budget; Emily includes plenty of one-pot dishes to keep everyone healthy, full, and happy.

With friendly charm and practical advice, Well Fed, Flat Broke will have you eating like a millionaire without having to spend like one.


Well Fed, Flat Broke is an honest, funny, and wildly useful account of what it is to cook and eat in a real kitchen. I've been reading Emily's blog for years now, and I'm thrilled to have her solid knowledge, fantastic recipes, and spot-on humor right on my bookshelf where I need it most. I know I'll be reaching for it all the time. -Alana Chernila, author of The Homemade Pantry

Wight's lighthearted, approachable style (not to mention easy-to-follow, affordable recipes) has kept her online readers coming back for seconds, and carries forward into the book. Its 120 recipes have been painstakingly tweaked, tested and 'obsessed over,' with every ingredient considered carefully to allow for the building of a productive, versatile pantry that won't break the bank. -Megaphone

Well Fed, Flat Broke is stuffed to bursting with imaginative recipes, colour photos, and charmingly frank advice. Follow her instructions and you too can spend like a pauper but eat like a millionaire. -Where Vancouver

Emily Wight just gets it. In this wonderful book, she shows us that cooking doesn't have to be about fancy equipment or hard-to-find ingredients. She gives real-life tips on how to find affordable kitchen gear (the Army and Navy store has cheap but good cast iron -- who knew?!) and what ingredients to keep on-hand for quick, cheap, but delicious and creative meals. With easy-to-follow and utterly mouth-watering recipes like Leek and Bacon Barlotto, Sizzling Chili Noodles, Candied Pork Belly, and Black Forest Ice Cream, Emily shows us that being flat broke doesn't have to get in the way of eating world class food. -Gabi Moskowitz, Brokeass Gourmet

Well Fed, Flat Broke features 120 recipes for mouthwatering mains, sides and desserts that jump off the page with beautiful retro backdrops (think Mad Men-level food styling), no-nonsense ingredients and sweet, funny, anecdotal intros. -Vitamin Daily

Emily Wight makes a compelling case for cooking on a budget. She's beaming in every picture in Well Fed, Flat Broke, and her colourful, messy food and mismatched dishes look fantastic. -Toronto Star

Her attitude makes for a very forgiving cookbook, with recipes that are approachable not only because they're easy to make but because they're offered without judgment. Steeped in Vancouver's cultural diversity, the dishes are eclectic, incorporating Indian spices, kimchi, and other global condiments. -Georgia Straight

I've found a kindred spirit in Emily Wight. Not only does she understand that messy cooks are best, she is the only other person I know who thinks a cauliflower-only version of Aloo Gobi is the way to go. With humor and practicality in equal measure, Wight delivers recipes anyone can make and culinary advice anyone can follow. -Charmian Christie, author of The Messy Baker

Well Fed, Flat Broke is charming and useful -- a combination I'm grateful for. -Bookslut

In Well Fed, Flat Broke, Emily Wight guides the reader through some mouth-watering and even indulgent recipes that won't break the bank. -Rice and Bread