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Lambda Literary interviews Corinne Manning

Lambda Literary interviews Corinne Manning

By Arsenal Pulp Date: May 28, 2020 Tags: Corinne Manning, We Had No Rules

Lambda Literary interviews Corinne Manning about their stellar debut story collection We Had No Rules: "I had a very deliberate process for this book. I gave myself the constraint to write each story from beginning to end in one sitting. If something scared me, or if I had some preconceived notion that something was 'too gay,' I had to write it.  I was trying to write myself out of my internalized homophobia. I loved leaving the stories open-ended, without the frame of an MFA concept of “story.: It was THRILLING to decide that a given story ends here because my heart says it is so."

We Had No Rules has received two high-profile starred reviews, from Publishers Weekly ("Manning's debut collection exquisitely examines queer relationships with equal parts humor, heartache, and titillation") and Booklist ("Wistful, funny, angry, bitter, raw - Manning both shocks and enthralls"). And Lambda Literary called the book "an intimate, rebellious and often hilarious exploration of queer life in the U. S. in the 21st century."

You can read Corinne's interview here.