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John Elizabeth Stintzi interviewed by Daily Xtra

John Elizabeth Stintzi interviewed by Daily Xtra

By Arsenal Pulp Date: May 21, 2020 Tags: John Elizabeth Stintzi, Vanishing Monuments

John Elizabeth Stintzi, author of the acclaimed new novel  Vanishing Monuments, is interviewed by Daily Xtra, which calls their novel "a beautiful and compulsive read."

In the interview, John talks about the process of writing trans characters: "I had an idea of writing a story that would enable me to talk about identity and memory, and the instability of both. So I thought that a gender-fluid character would be a good way to talk about that. When I started to write, I was reading a lot of trans books and learning more about the nuances of gender identity, while also thinking about myself and weeding out my own stereotypes and preconceptions of what non-binary people were like. As I was doing that, I ended up finding that there wasn’t as much difference between me and Alani as I thought there was when I started writing."

Vanishing Monuments is the story of Alani, a non-binary photographer who returns home after a long absence to their long-estranged mother now suffering from dementia.

You can read the Xtra interview here.