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The Young in One Another's Arms

The Young in One Another's Arms

By Jane Rule
Introduction by Katherine V. Forrest
Categories: Fiction, LGBTQ+, Lesbian Literature, Women's Literature
Series: Little Sister's Classics
Paperback : 9781551521817, 240 pages, 2005
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UPDATE: Jane Rule has been inducted as a member into the Order of Canada, announced February 20, 2007. In January, Jane also received the Alice B. Toklas Medal (US) for her long and storied career as a lesbian novelist.
Jane Rule's 1977 novel The Young in One Another's Arms is set at the end of the Vietnam War in and around a boarding house in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver. Ruth, a middle-aged woman accustomed to tragedy in her own life, cares for the young and changing boarders of her house as a mother and guide.

First published by Doubleday and reprinted by The Naiad Press, The Young in One Another's Arms is about the building of female communities. Combining issues of race, gender, sexuality and politics, this warm, sophisticated novel celebrates the cameraderie and strength of women against a backdrop of war and tragedy. The novel won the Canadian Authors Association Best Novel of the Year Award in 1978.

With an introduction by novelist Katherine V. Forrest (Curious Wine and Daughters of a Coral Dawn).

"Lesbian identity itself is not so much subsumed into the community as kept whole within it . . . not singled out as an angle of vision any more or less valid than others. " -Marilyn Schuster, Feminist Studies

Little Sister's Classics is a series of books from Arsenal Pulp Press, reviving lost and out-of-print classics of gay and lesbian literature. The books in the series are produced in conjunction with Little Sister's, the Canadian bookstore well-known for its anti-censorship efforts.


  • Winner, Canadian Authors Assoc.'s Best Novel Award 1978


Jane Rule's The Young in One Another's Arms is a mature and satisfying work that definitely stands the test of time.
-Bay Area Reporter

- Bay Area Reporter

Jane Rule is one of our finest writers and for those few who are unfamiliar with her work, The Young in One Another's Arms will provide a clear example of how deserving this reputation is. This tale of Ruth and her boarding house inhabitants will move and enchant you.

- Wayves

While Rule's writing may be pedagogical it is never didactic and the book stands up to the intervening years so that as contemporary readers we may not only assess our progress but do it while reading a good story by one of our most iconic writers.

- Xtra!

A classic that would be an asset to any collection.
-American Library Association GLBTRT Newsletter


It's a really nice little paperback edtion with a quality binding, and even includes appendices with some of the old newspaper and magazine reviews.
-Liberty Press

- Liberty Press