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The Real Jerk - New Caribbean Cuisine

The Real Jerk

New Caribbean Cuisine

By Lily Pottinger & Ed Pottinger
Categories: BIPOC, Black Literature, Cooking
Paperback : 9781551521152, 192 pages, 2002


There's a Jamaican phrase, "Out of many, one people," that is reflected in the style of cooking from the Caribbean: distinct, bold flavours coming together to create an electric experience. Such is the case with The Real Jerk. This is new Caribbean cuisine, cooking borne out of tradition, steeped in history, and brought into a new world where styles and tastes fuse to become something entirely different.
The Real Jerk: New Caribbean Cuisine includes such favourite recipes as jerk chicken, curry goat, oxtail, shrimp creole, and ackee and codfish (Jamaica's national dish). There are also vegetarian dishes, a chapter with kids favourites, desserts, soups and salads, and all things Caribbean.
Alongside the recipes and menu suggestions are stories about the tales behind the traditions, the history of the hearth, and anecdotes about Caribbean living, whether in the islands, or on the mainland. Not to mention black and white photographs and illustrations, and sixteen full-colour images of the best Caribbean cooking to be had this side of the islands.
Let The Real Jerk transport you to new Caribbean cuisine: a blend of tastes and cultures unlike any you've visited before.
Now in its 4th printing!


Favourite Caribbean recipes from the proprietors of the famed, eponymous Toronto restaurant.
-Canadian Living

- Canadian Living

What's best is the book often suggests which dish works well with others, allowing you to create entire meals--a very smart touch. ..

-Toronto Star

- Toronto Star