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Swimming in Darkness

Swimming in Darkness

By Lucas Harari
Translated by David Homel
Categories: Graphic Novels & Non-Fiction
Hardcover : 9781551527673, 152 pages, 2019


Pierre is a young man at a crossroads. He drops out of architecture school and decides to travel to Vals in the Swiss Alps, home to a thermal springs complex located deep inside a mountain. The complex, designed by architect Peter Zumthor, had been the subject of Pierre's thesis. The mountain holds many mysteries; it was said to have a mouth that periodically swallowed people up. Pierre, sketchbook in hand, is drawn to the enigmatic powers of the mountain and its springs, and attempts to uncover the truth behind them in the secret rooms he discovers deep within the complex. But he finds his match in a man named Valeret who is similarly obsessed, and who'd like nothing more than to eliminate his competitor.

Gorgeously illustrated, Swimming in Darkness is an intriguing, noirish graphic novel about uncovering the powerful secrets of the natural world.


This noirish modern of mysterious architectures, strange geometries and people drowning in obsession is eerily unsettling and completely mesmerising. -Warren Ellis

Swimming in Darkness is a beautifully rendered mystery. Its pages teem with secret passages, showing us that Earth has an architecture beyond our recognition. -Samuel Sattin, author of Legend

Gorgeous . .. Intriguing and weird and Hitchcockian and fun. -Glen Weldon, NPR

Harari melds academia, obsession, and mysticism in this eerie graphic novel . .. This is a stylish, atmospheric book whose deliberate pacing deliciously builds tension and mystery. -Publishers Weekly

Much like the mountain in Swimming In Darkness, Harari's intricate, puzzle-like grid will pull you in, and swallow you whole. -Elsa Charretier, author of November Vol. 1