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Scrambled Brains - A Cooking Guide for the Reality Impaired

Scrambled Brains

A Cooking Guide for the Reality Impaired

By Robin Konstabaris & Pierre LeBlanc
Categories: Graphic Novels & Non-Fiction, Cooking, Popular Culture
Paperback : 9781551520421, 144 pages, 1997


Scrambled Brains is a decidedly offbeat cookbook for those living and eating on the edge-urban warriors and young hipsters low on funds but high on attitude. Robin, a visual artist, and Pierre, a chef, are roommates who joined forces to create a spirited yet highly usable book of recipes, comics, and anecdotes based on their solemn belief that it doesn't take a whole lot of cash to have a whole lot of fun in the kitchen.
Alongside traditional treats such as pasta, risotto, and blackberry pie are such intriguing, unusual delicacies as Nun's Farts (an Acadian bun), Tortilla de Patatas (a very special tortilla), Did You Think I'd Crumble? (a pie for those suffering from unrequited love), and the Exploding Jesus Cake made with fresh seasonal fruit and a small explosive device). There's also ideas for making Subliminal Alphabet Soup, leftover Kraft Dinner art, and tips for putting together your own Naked Dinner Party.
Recipes (and comic strips) are organized into chapters. In "Poverty Kitchen" are recipes for those on a budget. "Soup Line Favourites" is, you guessed it, a collection of various soup recipes. "Party" outlines themes and menus for throwing your own fabulous parties. In the "Cooking With Weeds" chapter are recipes for more "adventurous" cooks (those who tend to get the munchies). And the recipes contained in "Bad Trade" are not for the faint of heart.
Scrambled Brains is an irreverent and innovative cookbook chockful of glamourous food ideas that turn meal-making into performance art.