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Somewhere Running

Somewhere Running

By Nathalie Stephens
Categories: Poetry
Paperback : 9781551520896, 93 pages, 2000


nathalie stephens' book, Somewhere Running, irreverently examines the tensions between two women ("the artist"), a photographer ("the eyes that watch"), and "the city. " Beginning with a very simple premise--two women standing at a distance from one another--the text circles hypnotically as details come into focus and the pull between figures intensifies.
Somewhere Running takes an erotically-charged look at sensuality in an unforgivingly urban context. Tentacular and rhythmically insistent, the text exposes what it means to be seen, takes on the artist as voyeur, and charts the transformation of the two women from objets d'art into autonomous subjects of their own desire, voice, and movement.
Reminiscent of Beckett and Duras, fusing idiom and image, Somewhere Running is a genre-bending book that loosens language from the reader's expectations.