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Get It Ripe - A Fresh Take on Vegan Cooking and Living

Get It Ripe

A Fresh Take on Vegan Cooking and Living

By jae steele
Categories: Cooking, Vegan & Vegetarian, Health
Paperback : 9781551522340, 272 pages, 2008
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Winner, Gourmand World Cookbook Award, Best Vegetarian Cookbook (Canada)

Get It Ripe is a vegan cookbook for the 21st century, with an emphasis on holistic living and whole food (i. e. unprocessed and unrefined) ingredients. jae steele is a registered holistic nutritionist; she has also been a professional vegan baker, and worked on organic farms on both the east and west coasts of Canada. Her life experiences, and her love of vegan whole foods, are at the heart of Get It Ripe, which not only features uncomplicated yet delicious animal-free recipes, but advice and information on various aspects of holistic vegan living, including special diets (all recipes are wheat-free), simple steps for cleansing and detoxing, building your own kitchen compost, information on ethical consumerism, and the connections among mind, body, and spirit.

The 140 recipes include Butternut Risotto, Chipotle Black-Eyed Peas with Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Cauliflower Chickpea Curry, Fettuccine No-Fredo, Apple Carrot Soup with Coriander, Blueberry Breakfast Polenta, Spiced Squash Muffins, and Cowgrrrl Cookies. Two-colour throughout, the book also includes 16 full-colour recipe photographs.

Get healthy and energetic with Get It Ripe.

Now in its second printing!


A fun guide to preparing tasty, vegan dishes that anyone would enjoy.
-The O'Mama Report (Organic Trade Association)

- The O'Mama Report

As much vegan primer as cookbook, Get It Ripe is a great starter book for anyone stumbling through those first months of life without dairy and meat. The author offers plenty of nutritional, prep and shopping information.
-Associated Press

- Associated Press

With sections on everything from the warming properties of food to how the body actually processes ingredients, this book is less a cookbook than an all-in-one guide to healthy vegan living, for which steele's holistic-nutritionist training is put to good use.

- VegNews

Get it Ripe is a book that focuses on the benefits of holistic living and whole foods. Why should you take her advice to heart? Because a) She doesn't judge! Her methods of explanation are accessible and don't make you feel guilty for what you eat (or don't eat). and b) She's a registered holistic nutritionist! and finally c) She runs a pretty awesome blog too.
-Love like a Vegan (blog)

- Love like a Vegan

Get It Ripe is packed with recipes for everything from muffins and cakes to meals-in-a-bowl, but it also includes straightforward, easy-to-use nutritional guidance. Steele never adopts a strident tone and she offers invaluable information for anyone who wants to more be conscious of what they eat.
-eyeWeekly (Toronto)

- eyeWeekly

[Includes] a healthy portion of delectable, animal-free recipes that will make even the toothiest canivore's mouth water. ... Steele's vegan recipes are a snap to whip up and unexpectedly finger-lickin' good.

- Bust

Toronto-based registered holistic nutritionist and author Steele has worked some magic in her attempt to teach the beginner vegetarian/vegan about the health benefits of the lifestyle with food that isn't bland. This isn't strictly a cookbook. The title says it all. Steele spends the first 100 pages of the book outlining what veganism means, from political motivations to the alternative health thinking behind it.
-Taste TO

- Taste TO

A terrific whole foods cookbook for vegans. ... Throughout the book, you'll find useful symbols indicating which recipes are gluten-free, soy-free, nightshade-free, and/or raw/living dishes.
-Vegetarian Journal

- Vegetarian Journal

There is something about [jae steele]'s accessible writing style that can make even the clumsiest non-vegan feel like a culinary goddess. ... Jae offers her expertise, wisdom and passion to serve the growing whole foods and vegan movement.
-Ascent Magazine

- Ascent

jae steele is one vegan with a palate you can trust. Need proof? Delicious recipes such as Butternut Risotto, Blueberry Breakfast Polenta, or Adzuki-Squash Soup with Chipotle. ... Steele's non-harpy approach makes this tome easier to swallow than the typical "meat is murder" approach.
-City Bites magazine (Toronto)

- City Bites

Although Get It Ripe is touted as a cookbook, it reads as a very intelligent and unique approach to the vegan lifestyle. .... [jae steele] educates the reader about the "whole picture" of veganism in a non-judgmental manner that is impressive, not to mention tasty!
-Organic Lifestyles

- Organic Lifestyles

This is much more than a collection of recipes that exclude meat as an ingredient. ... The book is an excellent resource for both longtime vegans and those just starting out and will find a place of prominence in your kitchen.
-North Shore News (North Vancouver, BC)

- North Shore News

This is a comprehensive guide to veganism as it relates to cuisine, health, and politics. It is essential for public libraries. ... Doubling as a vegan handbook and cookbook, this volume does an excellent job on both fronts. You'll find tantalizing ideas like Red Star Sauce (mock cheese sauce made with nutritional yeast) and Chocolate Pudding with Chipotle.
-Library Journal

- Library Journal

Get It Ripe is full of thought-provoking info on sustainable food, decoding grocery store labels, and holistic ideas on how to heal and balance our bodies through what we put in our mouths. Not to mention all the mouth-watering recipes that will make you want to jump in your kitchen and start cooking up a storm! The book is not just for vegans, it's for anyone who wants to treat their body, the planet, and their taste buds good.
- Adria Vasil, author of Ecoholic

- Adria Vasil

The best parts of jae steele's entertaining vegan cookbook are what's missing from its pages: no judgmental preaching and lists of expensive ingredients that you'll never find. ... An easy-to-follow book for anyone trying to eat healthier.
-The Coast (Halifax, NS)

- The Coast (Halifax)

Much more than a vegan recipe book or lifestyle guide, Get It Ripe is a well-balanced healthy eating manual, hands-on cooking lesson, and cookbook all rolled into one.... Setting all preachiness aside, jae presents a fluid dietary model that takes inspiration from a wide breadth of approaches, providing straight-ahead guidance but ultimately leaving it up to the readers to make their own choices. And the eatin's pretty darn good too!
-Gayla Trail, author of You Grow Girl

- Gayla Trail

Get It Ripe is awesome! Here is a book that tells us how eating luscious foods will make us healthy. jae pays homage to Eastern traditional understandings of the body and the most recent findings of Western nutritional science. Her enthusiasm for healthy eating is contagious. With her simple-to-follow and uncomplicated recipes, she creates dishes that will tempt vegans and omnivores alike. In this book, packed full of culinary tips for beginners and seasoned chefs, jae has gone well beyond the basics of vegan eating, affirming that we vegans never have to compromise on taste.
-Ruth Tal, owner of Fresh restaurants (Toronto), and author of Juice for Life, Fresh at Home, and reFresh

- Ruth Tal, owner of Fresh

jae offers practical advice and truly delicious recipes in her friendly, never-judgmental voice. This book is a breath of fresh, yummy air.
-Jessica Porter, author of The Hip Chick's Guide to Macrobiotics

- Jessica Porter

jae's debut book is an inspiring read. As an avid cook and foodie with an extremely nomadic lifestyle, finding balance through nutrition has been a challenge over the years, so I appreciate the depth of encyclopedic information this cookbook provides. Get It Ripe is a friendly nudge not only toward eating well and leading healthy lives, but also to supporting local farmers and being more responsible for the way we consume. Thanks for the book, jae! And for all the delicious treats you've graced our hungry dressing rooms with over the years.
-Sarah Neufeld, of the Arcade Fire and the Bell Orchestre

- Sarah Neufeld, of the Arcade Fire and the Bell Orchestre

jae's inviting approach to whole foods is both pragmatic and uplifting. Get It Ripe offers big-picture broad stokes and meaningful details for delicious, nutritious food every day (regardless of one's dietary denomination!). If you love your body and the planet, this book is a sure thing.
- Renee Loux, author of EasyGreen Living, The Balanced Plate, and Living Cuisine

- Renee Loux

Gutsy, intimate, refreshing, informative, nutritious and delicious--in Get It Ripe, jae has written the cookbook I have been wanting to recommend to patients for more than a decade. Thank you for compiling, with so much care and enthusiasm, an eating guide for a lifetime of good health--for us and for the planet.
-Sat Dharam Kaur, ND, author of The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer and The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women's Health

- Sat Dharam Kaur

Whether you just want a new recipe for fabulous muffins, or are desperate to prove to loved ones that eco-friendly vegan eating can taste good, Get It Ripe will be your go-to cookbook.