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Quixotic Erotic

Quixotic Erotic

By Tamai Kobayashi
Categories: Fiction, LGBTQ+, Lesbian Literature, Erotica, BIPOC, Asian Literature
Paperback : 9781551521398, 208 pages, 2003


Step into a world of dream, of fantasy, of erotic tales spiked with poetic imagery. Step into Quixotic Erotic, the new collection of lesbian erotica from Tamai Kobayashi.

Like being awakened from a dream by a soft, sensuous caress, the stories in Quixotic Erotic stimulate the senses. From a birthday surprise to a torrid office dalliance, these tales roam the worlds of women loving women.

A woman's doctor prescribes a weekend with a sex surrogate, leading to exploration and discovery. A couple breaks a trail through the snow to a hidden hotsprings, and the passion it brings. Two women discover the pleasures that toys can stimulate.

But the women in these fictions are not simply sexual beings. They are fully-developed characters who can be confused and conflicted, angry and frustrated, happy and excited. They become real people in a real world, a place where sex is part of life and of living. A place where lovemaking is an expression of self.

From Quixotic Erotic:
She doesn't expect this tenderness, her tears, a sob catching in her throat. She does not understand these desperate yearnings, her frenzied desires. She kisses her, kisses her--
But the woman steps away.
The room, in darkness, whirls.
The lamp in the corner flickers on, casting a small pool of light. The woman, she can see her now, smooth brown skin, strong arms and curve of belly, short black hair. Beauty, beauty, could she have ever imagined this?


Perfect for when it's too hot and humid to sleep.
-Ottawa Xpress

- Ottawa Xpress

Tamai Kobayashi weaves the lines of the fantasy and the fantastical into an intricate tapestry. . . Quixotic Erotic is a book of erotica unlike any I have read before.

- Swerve

Ranging from tender and sultry to coolly surreal, Quixotic Erotic offers readers a phenomenal range of erotic adventures. ..

- Herizons

She applies heart, a dash of humour, and strong characterization to weave a web of tantalizing tales.
-Trade: Queer Things

- Trade

. . . haunting, sexy, tender and beautiful. . . will delight readers looking for steamy, poetic and innovative erotica.
-Rachel Bussel

- Rachel Bussel

. . . Kobayashi has long held a deserved reputation as a woman who gives good fiction. . . a writer who is not afraid to paint her characters with both detail and with bold strokes and her erotica reaps the benefit.

- Xtra!

. . . breathtaking, skintingling, vivid, electric erotic prose. . .
-Butchdykeboy. com