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Outbursts! - A Queer Erotic Thesaurus


A Queer Erotic Thesaurus

By Allan Peterkin
Categories: Erotica, LGBTQ+, Lesbian Literature, Humour, Gay Literature, Cultural Studies, Popular Culture
Paperback : 9781551521510, 160 pages, 2003


Erotic slang words from Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, and other English-speaking nations number well into the tens of thousands. But the history of terms used to describe the sexual activities of gays and lesbians have opposing sources: one, the discreet networks of gay men and lesbians who sought to come up with a new terminology for the pleasures of their secret lives; and the other, those who found gay sexuality repellent, and created phrases that denigrated and insulted its proponents. The result? A coded language, for better or worse, that celebrates sexuality in all its queerness.

A. D. Peterkin shows how euphemism, camp humor, rhyme, acronym, foreign language, mythology, metaphor, and secret code have all been recruited imaginatively by gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals to name what was thought to be unnamable.


Outbursts contextualizes both historical and contemporary terminology for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals, and offers nine full pages of terms for gay males--from "anal buccaneer" to "zebrajox"!
-My Messy Bedroom

- My Messy Bedroom

Remember being excited as a child each time a new sex-related word entered into your vocabulary? Relive that titilating experience while at the same time broadening your sexual knowledge by reading this book.
-The Link

- The Link

...clever and funny. ..
-Time Out London

- Time Out London

It's pleasing that the last word in this hot little dictionary is "voyeur". What could be more apt for our relationship to this book . . . ? We're take a peep at somebody else's way of, well, taking a peek.
-New Pages

- New Pages

...Peterkin's salaciously erudite Outbursts is more than a sniggering collection of slangy definitions. ... It's also a work of queer historical empowerment.

- Richard Labonte

...a very entertaining, well-researched little guide.
-Xtra! Magazine

- Xtra!

Even a long review cannot do justice to this intriguing reference book.

- Jean Roberta

. . . a perversely potent queer erotic thesaurus. This is a fun book, but it can also be seen as a historical document. This is the evidence of queer sexual history.
-Trade: Queer Things

- Trade: Queer Things

Amusing, informative, enlightening. .. Ample fodder to enliven your Ph. D. thesis or resume.
-Lavender Magazine

- Lavender

...provides a source for pornographers--indeed all writers with a sense of humour--to vary their limited and predictable dialogue when it comes to the old ins and outs.
-Frontiers Magazine

- Frontiers

Pick up Outbursts! and give your hands something constructive to do for a change.
-Dallas Voice

- Dallas Voice

...Peterkin is delving even further into language that would make Roger blush in public. ..
-Monday Magazine

- Monday Magazine