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Edited by Rita McBride & David Gray
Categories: Visual Arts, Fiction, Popular Culture, Anthologies
Series: Ways Books
Paperback : 9781551521985, 160 pages, 2006


The fourth and final book in the infamous Ways series of novels as conceptual art--a project by internationally renowned visual artist Rita McBride in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art, Printed Matter, Inc. , and Arsenal Pulp Press. The Ways pull together some of the world's leading artists, curators, and writers to write "chapters" of a novel, all of which are set in the visual art world; by doing so, they create beguiling "accidental" novels that subvert our traditional ideas of narrative as well as satirizing the sacred institutions of art and industry. Where Heartways lay bare the romance genre, Futureways envisioned science fiction, and Crimeways uncovered crime fiction, Myways shows readers "the way" by reinterpreting the category of self-help . ..

Myways marks the triumphant return of Gina Ashcraft. After suffering through all the trials and tribulations that life could throw at her, one of our favourite artists is wiser and wackier than ever. Generous to a fault and eager to share, Gina was appointed Agony Aunt at a prominent art magazine where she drew on her vast wisdom and mature understanding to solve artists' personal dilemmas. Now, after twenty years of dishing advice--and dirt--Gina's favourite columns have been gathered together in this anthology. Both a how-to and how-not-to guide to art and life, Myways is a must for art lovers and art haters everywhere!

Myways features work by Lawrence Bailey, Jay Battle, Mary Caponegro, Erin Cosgrove, Christina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer, Matthew Geller, David Gray, Pablo Helguera, Michele Hierholzer, Philippine Hoegen, Diana Kingsley, Matthew Licht, Rita McBride, Willem Oorebeek, Jackson Perry, R. H. Quaytman, Kimberly Sexton, Gordon Tapper, Erica Van Horn, and Marcel Vos.