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Small Worlds - A Book of Photo Puzzles

Small Worlds

A Book of Photo Puzzles

By Matthew Wheeler
Categories: Photography
Paperback : 9781551520544, 120 pages, 1998


Small Worlds is a fascinating compendium: photographs of aspects of everyday objects-coins, keys, cutlery-that, in photographer Matthew Wheeler's hands, are not readily recognizable.
How well do you know the world around you-the things right under your nose and at your fingertips?
The 100 photographs, extreme close-ups of objects that surround us, are puzzles which readers will have great fun trying to identify; each photograph is accompanied by a clue, printed alongside, in case you need a helping hand. From keys on a piano to grooves on an LP record, Small Worlds is ideal for an extended car trip, camping trips in the rain, or a quiet evening at home. These intriguing images are just another means of looking at the world from another perspective.
Take a look--a long look--at Small Worlds and your way of seeing things will never be the same again.