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Kai's Tea Eggs

Kai's Tea Eggs

By Karina Zhou
Categories: BIPOC, Asian Literature, Children's & Young Adult, Children's
Hardcover : 9781551529097, 40 pages, 2023


An endearing and beautifully illustrated children's book about learning to embrace our heritage and celebrating what makes us unique.

Multicultural Day is coming up at school, and Kai is nervous about sharing her family's Chinese food with her classmates. Kai's mother is excited about making some special dishes, but Kai doesn't like feeling different from everyone else.

Upset, she runs off on her own and meets Ming the dragon, who takes her on a magical journey to explore different parts of Chinese culture - especially all the delicious food! With Ming's help, Kai learns about her family roots and how to celebrate all that makes her unique.

Kai's Tea Eggs is a charming story for anyone who, like Kai, has felt the frustration of trying to fit in before finally learning to appreciate who they are.

Ages 3 to 7.


Complementing each other, the book's text and illustrations enhance the narrative's impact by drawing readers into Kai's perspective and conveying her emotional state. The story will appeal to readers of all backgrounds as everyone, regardless of their background, can identify with feeling different, standing out, and wanting to fit in. Evoking a sense of intimacy with Kai, these illustrations will elicit readers' sympathy and identification with her experiences . -CM Magazine