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Hot & Bothered 4 - Short Short Fiction on Lesbian Desire

Hot & Bothered 4

Short Short Fiction on Lesbian Desire

Edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky
Categories: LGBTQ+, Lesbian Literature, Anthologies, Fiction, Erotica
Paperback : 9781551521459, 208 pages, 2003


This is the fourth installment of the bestselling international lesbian erotica series, Hot & Bothered, that consist of stories of 1,000 words or less that articulate desire between women.

Hot & Bothered 4 includes stories by many award-winning writers, including Lesléa Newman, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Carol Queen, Nisa Donnelly, Barrie Jean Borich, Gabriella Glancy, Wickie Stamps, Sara Graef, and Tamai Kobayashi.


This book explored a wide range of hot activities that are going on out there. It is hot hot short short yum yum good!

- Trade

... Hot + Bothered 4 is a collection of unusually high quality, worth reading--or nibbling--from beginning to end.

- Richard Labonte

. . . [the stories] take everyday situations and inject believable sexual tension, longing, or sexual escapades.
-Capital Xtra!

- Capital Xtra!

Not only is brevity the soul of wit, it is at the heart of desire as well.

- RJ Stevenson

...a wonderful collection. steamy. ..
-Stonewall News Northwest

- Stonewall News NW

...little nuggets of desire, all full of anticipation and longing and regret and retaliation and surprise and delight and all the other things that make 'lesbian desire' great.
-ButchDykeBoy. com