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Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow - The Green Man's Guide to Living & Eating Sustainably All Year Round

Grow What You Eat, Eat What You Grow

The Green Man's Guide to Living & Eating Sustainably All Year Round

By Randy Shore
Categories: Cooking, Health
Paperback : 9781551525488, 224 pages, 2014
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A book of recipes and gardening tips for living and eating sustainably and responsibly all year round.

Randy Shore's father and grandfather grew up on farms, yet he didn't even know how to grow a radish. Author of "The Green Man" column in the Vancouver Sun, he spent five years teaching himself how to grow food for his family, and then how to use the resulting bounty to create imaginative and nourishing meals the year round. In Grow What You Eat, Randy reveals the secrets to creating and maintaining a thriving vegetable garden, from how to make your own fertilizer to precise instructions on how best to grow specific produce; he also offers advice for those with balcony or container gardens and others who live in small urban spaces. He then shows how to showcase your bounty with delicious, nutrient-packed recipes (both vegetarian and not), including instructions on canning, pickling, and curing, proving how easy and fulfilling it is to be a self-reliant expert in your garden and your kitchen.

Grow What You Eat is primarily a cookbook, but it is also a gardening book, personal journal, and passionate treatise on the art of eating and living sustainably. In his quest for self-sufficiency, improved health, and a better environment, Randy Shore resurrects an old-school way of cooking that is natural, nutritious, and delicious.


This is not your average cookbook. It's an ode to the seasons, a manifesto on sustainability, a guide to edible gardening, and a story about one man's effort to get better connected to his food. It's a go-to guide for aspiring gardeners, local food enthusiasts, and just a nice read on a Saturday afternoon -- hammock anyone? -The Big Carrot

- The Big Carrot

Organized by season, the book overflows with an abundance of down-to-earth advice and recipes. -Where Vancouver

- Where Vancouver