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Altered Biography - The Womb Years

Altered Biography

The Womb Years

By Douglas Isaac
Categories: Fiction
Paperback : 9781551520728, 165 pages, 1999


In the tradition of non-traditional, genre-defying works of fiction by Arsenal writers such as Michael Turner and M. A.C. Farrant, Altered Biography is a warped, wry novel that fuses autobiography, memoir, and satire. It champions the story of Generation XY: a man and woman die and reunite as sperm and ovum in a SoHo loft-like womb, which marks only the beginning of this surreal and brutally funny tale, depicting an amoral millennial society of lost souls desperate for personal fulfillment and social status; the narrative, moving at a breakneck speed, careens recklessly from operating room to holding cell to fallopian tube.
Every death sets the stage for a new beginning; every last gasp begins a mad dash by millions of sperm trying to reach the proverbial ovum. In Altered Biography, Douglas Isaac perverts the mundane in an otherworldly, unconventional exploration of men, women, and the great abyss. It marks the introduction of a fresh and distinctive new literary voice.