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British Columbia Almanac

British Columbia Almanac

By Mark Forsythe
Categories: Travel, British Columbia
Paperback : 9781551520872, 216 pages, 2000


British Columbia is a province of extraordinary extremes: urban areas and rural territories; lush farm terrain and mountain vistas; balmy ocean views and frozen snowscapes. Its population is equally diverse: gardeners, skiiers, bush pilots, filmmakers, fishermen, and assorted eccentrics who could have only come from British Columbia. Through it all, CBC Radio 1's BC Almanac has documented BC life in all its various forms. British Columbia Almanac, written and compiled by host Mark Forsythe, provides a fun, informative, and captivating snapshot of the province and its habitues.
Chapters are devoted to each season of the year in BC. For example, "Summer" will include barbecue recipes, hidden hiker trails, cougar attack tales, best roadside diners, and favourite campsites; "Winter" will include recipes for soups and stews, skiing trivia, winter survival stories, and Christmas in BC anecdotes. There will be essays by regular BC Almanac contributors such as gardener Brian Minter, historian Jean Barman, and outdoors expert Jack Christie--all of them accomplished authors in their own right--as well as personal anecdotes and photographs from the program's listeners located in all parts of the province, reporting on life in their neck of the woods. Scattered throughout are various BC trivia and facts, as well as behind-the-scenes tales of the show itself, a fixture on CBC Radio 1 since the 1980s.
Two-colour throughout; includes numerous photographs and illustrations.