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Calgary: The Unknown City

Calgary: The Unknown City

By James Martin
Categories: Travel
Paperback : 9781551521114, 272 pages, 2001


Since the release of our first, bestselling Calgary cityguide, many things in the city have changed: it's gotten bigger, faster, and richer. Still filled with strange secrets, this revised and expanded edition of the earlier Calgary: Secrets of the City reveals the whole truth.
With stories of notorious figures like the jazz impresario who has had countless run-ins with the law, newly discovered tunnels (and some that are planned for the future), top secret flight experiments, and the go-go club (in which patrons entered by sliding down a tube into the basement), Calgary: The Unknown City brings to light the dark, mysterious corners of life in Cowtown.
Also included: True Tales of the Paramedics, crazy roadtrips, weird museums, and an explanation as to why there is no Church of Scientology in Calgary.
Two-color throughout, and with hundreds of photographs and illustrations, Calgary: The Unknown City is the perfect guidebook for tourists, newcomers, and long-time Calgarians who want to know more about their city.


To get off the beaten path, check out The Unknown City and Secrets of the City guides. . . which offer insider anecdotes and esoteric tidbits.


- Homemeakers

...these guides will come in handy if you want an alternative to the usual walking tour of the city. "

-InsideOut Travel

- InsideOut Travel