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Devery Jacobs on defending Jonny Appleseed on Canada Reads

Devery Jacobs on defending Jonny Appleseed on Canada Reads

By Arsenal Pulp Date: January 23, 2021 Tags: Canada Reads, Joshua Whitehead, Jonny Appleseed

Actor and filmmaker Devery Jacobs talks about defending Jonny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead on CBC's Canada Reads.

On this year's Canada Reads theme, One Book to Transport Us: "Books are transporting because they require so much focus. Sitting down with a book forces you to really be in the world. And Joshua Whitehead's words absolutely transport you to write to Jonny Appleseed's memories. This novel is very emotion-based and memory-forward. That was what truly transported me. It's ultimately a love letter to Indigiqueers and to two-spirit people and to the women in our communities. It's a love letter to all of the cracks of light and what would be considered darkness. This is exactly what we need in 2021: to be transported and to be able to find those cracks of light in all of our circumstances."

This year's Canada Reads competition takes place March 8-11, 2021!

You can read more about Devery on Canada Reads, and listen to an interview with her, here.