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John Elizabeth Stintzi profiled in Quill and Quire

John Elizabeth Stintzi profiled in Quill and Quire

By Arsenal Pulp Date: April 07, 2020 Tags: Vanishing Monuments, John Elizabeth Stintzi

John Elizabeth Stintzi talks about their acclaimed debut novel Vanishing Monuments in a cover profile in Quill and Quire.

Vanishing Monuments is the story of Alani, a non-binary photographer on the run from the world who finally returns home to their long-estranged mother now suffering from dementia. Joshua Whitehead, the author of Jonny Appleseed, calls the book "an absolute monumental achievement of a first novel."

John is also the author of a debut poetry book Junebat, available now from House of Anansi.

In Quill and Quire, John writes about the genesis of both of their books, and how writing Vanishing Monuments was an opportunity to explore their own gender identity.

You can read the article here.