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By Neil Wedman
Categories: Visual Arts

They are familiar comic images--a man on a psychiatrist's couch, confessing his sins; lecherous men ogling a buxom server at a cocktail party; a man and woman in tattered clothing, bickering on a deserted ...

The Yellow Pear

The Yellow Pear is a brave and moving document, using words and art, of what it means to be Canadian.
Co-published with the Burnaby Art Gallery, this is a collection of deeply moving narratives (in both ...

It Pays to Play

Co-published with Presentation House Gallery, It Pays to Play: British Columbia in Postcards, 1950s--1980s reveals the province as it was represented in popular, photographic colour postcards from the ...

Vancouver: Representing the Postmodern City

For better or worse, postmodernism has become the master concept for thinking about the culture of our time. Vancouver: Representing the Postmodern City examines how Vancouver has been represented through ...