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This Book Is a Knife - Radical Working-Class Strategies in the Age of Climate Change

This Book Is a Knife

Radical Working-Class Strategies in the Age of Climate Change

By L.E. Fox
Categories: LGBTQ+, Trans Literature, Social Issues, LGBTQ+ Literature
Paperback : 9781551529714, 272 pages, 2025
Expected to ship: 2025-05-13
Expected to ship: 2025-05-13


An incendiary anti-capitalist response to the devastating impact of climate change

Despite the naysayers, climate change is a fact. We know that global temperatures are rising, that weather patterns are changing, that forest fires, droughts, flooding, severe storms, and heat waves are the new normal. We know this planet is teetering on the edge of climate collapse, an apocalyptic event that threatens not only the future of human civilization, but also the millions of other unique life forms on Earth. We know it's all our fault - it's the direct result of human beings burning fossil fuels and spewing out carbon emissions at such a fantastic pace that we've changed the fate of the entire planet, and it leaves most of us feeling helpless. What can any of us really do?

This Book Is a Knife is a startling essay collection that explores the origins and dangers of climate change through a critique of capitalism and an exploration of the ways in which we might radically reimagine our world before it's too late. Rooted in L.E. Fox's background as a science journalist, This Book Is a Knife is a frank, plain-spoken, and sharply incisive series of missives designed to wake us up to the urgent reality of climate change and the lies we are fed based on the fact that the real issue is neither climate nor the environment - it's capitalism.

Fierce and unapologetic, This Book Is a Knife is a passionate and unique dissection of climate change that offers new possibilities for saving the world.