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A Very Lonely Planet - Love, Sex, and the Single Guy

A Very Lonely Planet

Love, Sex, and the Single Guy

By Ryan Bigge
Categories: Humour, Popular Culture
Paperback : 9781551520940, 202 pages, 2001


Welcome to the Very Lonely Planet: the kingdom of single guydom, a place for men to discuss women problems--the problem being, there aren't any women. It's a place where doggy-style sex means drooling and begging and not much else. It's a halfway house for teenage boys, weepy twentysomething indie-rock sad sacks; the divorced, the widowed, the wretched, and everything in between. The Very Lonely Planet is neither heaven nor hell, but a place that gets warmer, stickier, and more uncomfortable with each passing day, a kind of Gilligan's Island, populated by unlucky single guys whose attempts to escape the island's confines are elaborate, humorous, and rarely successful.
A Very Lonely Planet traces the history and psychology of the single guy. It is one single guy's guide to navigating the search for love, companionship, and presumed eternal happiness. Divided into five sections--Denial, Anger, Fear, Bargaining, Acceptance--learn about the history of the Very Lonely Planet, its formation (Bronze Age, Stone Age, Machine Age, Alone Age) and institutions (self-government; i. e., "Every man for himself"). Also included is a look at the four magic words--"We Have To Talk"--that commences one's free flight to the enchanted forest of the Very Lonely Planet.
Your host at the Very Lonely Planet is Ryan Bigge, who's been single for a very long time, and has himself tried to escape. From a failed week-long blind date in New York to an enjoyable, but fruitless, appearance on Cooking For Love (The Dating Game meets The Iron Chef), Bigge presents a male confessional that is – to his dismay--somewhat lacking in the "kiss and tell. "
Funny and bittersweet, A Very Lonely Planet is filled with pearls of single-guy wisdom, a book that will make a guy's search for love a little less painful. Amid the plethora of relationship books and magazines aimed at women comes this long-overdue guide for single guys looking to get off the Very Lonely Planet. It's the perfect antidote for those sick of the New Age earnestness of Mars and Venus.