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The Mere Future

The Mere Future

By Sarah Schulman
Categories: LGBTQ+, Lesbian Literature, Fiction
Paperback : 9781551524245, 184 pages, 2011
Hardcover : 9781551522579, 184 pages, 2009
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Sarah Schulman's acclaimed dystopian satire about urban mores is set in New York sometime in the future, when the city has morphed into an idealized version of itself: rent is cheap, homelessness is nonexistent, and the only job left is in marketing. But all is not as it seems, when a murder is committed by a prominent New Yorker and the resulting trial transfixes the city. Sparkling with witty and provocative social commentary, The Mere Future is a startingly sharp-eyed prophecy of the world to come. Kessler Award winner Schulman's other books include Rat Bohemia, The Child, Empathy, and Ties that Bind (The New Press).


Schulman's humor is painfully sharp, her sarcasm sharper, and her intellect sharpest of all. If you play with her, she'll show you some things you probably didn't want - but needed - to know.
-Liberty Press

- Liberty Press

A novel of biting satire and sharp humour which presents us with the dreadfully recognizable scenario of how lives are lived under the reign of a corporate behemoth that has reached deep into the consciousness and desires of its characters' lives.
-Canadian Woman Studies

- Canadian Woman Studies

In The Mere Future, Sarah Schulman emerges as a unique voice in speculative fiction.
-East Bay Express

- East Bay Express

The Mere Future is a utopian-cum-dystopian satire, a collide-oscope of postmodernism, lesbian romance, heterosexual tangles, literature, murder, injustice, art, and the insidious, shifting-yet-never-changing loci of power.

- Event

The Mere Future is an intelligently written satire . .. Excellently crafted prose, reminiscent of Oscar Wilde.
-New York Journal of Books

- New York Journal of Books

Clever word craft, poetic political satire and biting humor on every page.
-Publishers Weekly

Schulman injects wry political commentary and sly cultural satire into her intellectually dynamic plot with infectious constancy.
-Richard Labonte, Book Marks

Shockingly of the moment ... The Mere Future is set a few years hence "when things are slightly better because there has been a big change," and, as she always does, Schulman fashions a writing style that suits the setting ... [This] is probably Schulman's funniest book.
- Lambda Book Report