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Swallowing Clouds - An Anthology of Chinese-Canadian Poetry

Swallowing Clouds

An Anthology of Chinese-Canadian Poetry

Edited by Andy Quan & Jim Wong-Chu
Categories: Anthologies, Poetry, BIPOC, Asian Literature
Paperback : 9781551520735, 288 pages, 1999


Work by writers of Chinese-Canadian heritage have achieved international success: this includes books by Wayson Choy, SKY Lee, and Denise Chong, as well as the acclaimed anthology of Chinese-Canadian fiction, Many Mouthed Birds. Swallowing Clouds collects the work of some of the most vibrant and exciting Chinese-Canadian poets working today, being the first poetic anthology ever published in book form. The collection evokes the spirit and sentiment of the Chinese-Canadian community, representing a diversity of language and style that speak to issues of ethnicity and culture while forging new and exciting paths of their own.
Swallowing Clouds includes poems by a number of well-known writers as well as fresh new poetic voices,forming an eloquent and fiery portrait of the Chinese-Canadian experience.
CONTRIBUTORS: Marisa AnLin Alps, Louise Bak, Lien Chao, Ritz Chow, Glenn Deer, Sean Gunn, Jamila Ismail, Gaik Cheng Khoo, Lydia Kwa, Larissa Lai, Laiwan, Fiona Lam, Jen Lam, Evelyn Lau, Pei Hsien Lim, P. K. Leung, Andy Quan, Goh Poh Seng, Thuong Vuong-Riddick, Fred Wah, Rita Wong, Jim Wong-Chu, Kam Sein Yee, Paul Yee.


Expertly edited . . . an important and timely book.

-This Magazine

- This Magazine