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Quickies 3 - Short Short Fiction on Gay Male Desire

Quickies 3

Short Short Fiction on Gay Male Desire

Edited by James C. Johnstone
Categories: LGBTQ+, Gay Literature, Erotica, Fiction, Anthologies
Paperback : 9781551521442, 224 pages, 2003


The third installment of the bestselling international gay men's erotica series, consisting of stories of 1,000 words or less that articulate desire between men.

Previous books in the series have made bestseller lists, and feature many award-winning writers and anthologists among their contributors. Quickies 3 features 69+ stories by writers living in six countries around the world, including: Doug Ferguson, Shaun Levin, George K. Ilsley, Michael V. Smith, Sean Meriwether, Billy Cowan, Shaun Proulx, Ron Suresha, Michael Wilde, Matt Bernstein Sycamore, Bob Vickery, Simon Shepard, Daniel Collins, Sandip Roy, horehound stillpoint, Clayton Delery, Andy Quan, Trebor Healey, Robert Thomson, Shaun De Waal, and Daniel Curzon.


...lots of bangs for your buck. ..
-HX Magazine

- HX Magazine

Stories in this collection capture vast experiences of gay living. ..

- Swerve

Each tale is the literary equivalent of a Pop Rock, explosive in intent.

- PopMatters gay sex for men who like to use their imagination.
-Stonewall News Northwest

- Stonewall News NW

These pieces are remarkable. ...Without question, this is the best of the Quickies series yet produced.
-X Factor Magazine

- X Factor Magazine

...refreshing, gloriously gay.
-Echo Weekly

- Richard Burnett

A new raucous anthology of short but very sweet male erotica stories.
-Bent Magazine (UK)

- Bent Magazine

...a tasty assortment of literary tidbits to be sampled and savoured from cover to cover.
-Outlooks Magazine

- Outlooks