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American Whiskey Bar

American Whiskey Bar

By Michael Turner
Foreword by William Gibson
Categories: Film & Media, Fiction
Paperback : 9781551521596, 184 pages, 2004


American Whiskey Bar is a remarkable faux memoir about the un-making of a film--a film which Michael Turner was commissioned to write. However, whether or not this film was ever made is debatable. And only one print is said to exist. Nevertheless, American Whiskey Bar, a film seen by only a handful of people, is well on its way to becoming a curious footnote to cinematic history.

American Whiskey Bar, the book, is an attempt to set the record straight--a story of sex, violence, lies, ambition, power, paradox, dreams, and regret. Consider yourself warned.

The script from American Whiskey Bar was produced as a live film experiment directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce Macdonald and aired on CityTV.

When first published in 1997, American Whiskey Bar elicited rave reviews for its anti-aesthetic, postmodern ideas of what constitutes a novel.

This new edition of the book features a new ISBN, a new cover, and a new foreword by William Gibson.


  • Winner, Quill & Quire Best Book 1997
  • Commended, Globe & Mail Notable Book 1997
  • Winner, Coolest Canadian Book of the Year, Chapters 1997


Brilliant . . . a dazzling, dizzying multilayered blend of fact and fiction, of the plausible and the preposterous, of the real and the hyper-real. It is also screamingly funny.
-The Globe and Mail

- The Globe & Mail

. . . conflicts of class, race, gender, and sexuality erupt in hilariously schematic and surreal ways. Professing to be less than it is, it's a surprisingly haunting work--a smutty Pale Fire that, through its dizzying strata of competing truths, may have more to say about our reality than it ever lets on.
-Village Voice

- Village Voice

Tightly packed . .. the book weaves its way in and out of various levels of reality. . .. There's a bright, playful mind at work here.
-Toronto Star

- Toronto Star

A daring reconfiguration of the fictional narrative.
-Vancouver Magazine

- Vancouver Magazine

Turner constructs an intense, intelligent, and darkly humorous satire. . . . Too original to be nominated for awards.
-Quill & Quire

- Quill & Quire

Turner is probably the most original writer BC has produced in a generation.
-Gerogia Straight

- Georgia Straight