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Queer Fear II - Gay Horror Fiction

Queer Fear II

Gay Horror Fiction

Edited by Michael Rowe
Categories: Anthologies, Fiction, LGBTQ+, Gay Literature
Paperback : 9781551521220, 304 pages, 2002


Queer Fear II builds on the successes of its predecessor, Queer Fear, the groundbreaking gay-themed horror anthology that Gothic. net called "the best horror anthology of [the year]," which won the Queer Horror Award, and was a finalist for a Spectrum Award and two Lambda Literary Awards.
This second volume includes among its stories new work by some stars of the first volume--International Horror Guild Award winners Gemma Files and Michael Marano, Bram Stoker Award winners David Nickle and Edo van Belkom, and screenwriter Ron Oliver. Science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer, winner of the Aurora and Nebula Awards, crosses genres to appear alongside newer writers like Bram Stoker Award winner Brett Savory, novelist Sephera Giron, and classic British ghost story author Steve Duffy.
And if that's not enough, Queer Fear II also features a new, unpublished story by internationally acclaimed horror writer Poppy Z. Brite.
The dark pleasures and anxieties of the Queer Fear books have their roots in the nightmarish, viral machinations of AIDS and homophobia, as well as the ghoulish, old-fashioned thrills of confronting things that go bump in the night. Queer Fear II will keep you up long past the witching hour.
Winner, Lambda Literary Award


  • Short-listed, International Horror Guild Award 2003
  • Winner, Lambda Literary Award for Best SF/Fantasy/Horror 2002
  • Winner, Gaylactic Award 2003


Finally, horror without limits! The Queer Fear books are a revelation!
-Clive Barker

- Clive Barker

Michael Rowe's Lambda Award-winning anthology of gay horror fiction is a kick-ass collection - erotic, scary and sometimes silly. Highlights include the opening story, "Bugcrush" by Scott Treleaven, about boys getting off on the venom from bug bites, and Ron Oliver's "Want," which explores the Twilight Zone-like moral "Be careful what you wish for. "
-NOW Magazine


These stories shine an eerie light on the netherworld of queer obsession.
-Publishers Weekly

- Publishers Weekly