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Curious Sounds - A Dialogue in Three Movements

Curious Sounds

A Dialogue in Three Movements

By Roger Mooking & francesca ekwuyasi
Hardcover : 9781551529295, 128 pages, 2023
Expected to ship: 2023-10-24
Expected to ship: 2023-10-24


A collaborative, multi-faceted book by two extraordinary Black artists about finding beauty in the chaos.

Roger Mooking is well known as a celebrity chef and the host of such television shows as the Cooking Channel's Man Fire Food and Everyday Exotic; he is also a recording artist with five albums to his credit and a visual artist who creates immersive experiences that merge the visual, sonic, and culinary arts. francesca ekwuyasi is a writer and filmmaker who won wide acclaim for her award-winning, bestselling debut novel, Butter Honey Pig Bread. These two enormously talented Black artists join forces in Curious Minds, a book of art, stories, and conversations that illuminate the journey to find solace and perspective in an increasingly hyperactive and distracting world.

Inspired by the fact that the average human attention span lasts 8.25 seconds, Curious Minds is a collection of small bursts of light, colour, and words that explore how time shapes and defines the world, especially from a Black perspective. Comprising three parts, which mirror the arc of a life - the Learning, the Living, and the Leaving - the book is a series of fleeting moments and visuals that help us to discover the beauty in our own chaos.

Full-colour throughout.