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All Amazed - For Roy Kiyooka

All Amazed

For Roy Kiyooka

Edited by John O'Brian, Naomi Sawada, and Scott Watson
Categories: Anthologies, Poetry, Visual Arts, BIPOC, Asian Literature
Paperback : 9781551521176, 160 pages, 2002


All Amazed celebrates the life and work of the late Roy Kiyooka (1926-1994), one of Canada's first multi-disciplinary artists whose work transcended categorical and cultural exclusivity.
At various periods of his life, Kiyooka was a painter, sculptor, teacher, poet, musician, filmmaker, and photographer. When Kiyooka arrived in Vancouver in 1959, he was already one of Canada's most respected abstract painters. His modernist stance at the time inspired a generation of Vancouver painters to reach beyond regionalism. In the sixties and seventies, Kiyooka began to write and publish poetry and produce photographic works; the best known of these, StoneDGloves (1969-1970), is both a poetic and photographic project. In all of his projects, he saw the position of the artist as being in opposition to the institutions of art. The shape and scope of Kiyooka's work continues to be revealed, seven years after his death.
Based on a major multidisciplinary conference at the University of British Columbia organized by such luminaries as Michael Ondaatje, Daphne Marlatt, Scott Watson, and John O'Brian, All Amazed pays tribute to a remarkable artist and poet who continues to amaze and astound us.
Includes essays by Roy Miki, Henry Tsang, Sheryl Conkelton, and Scott Toguri McFarlane, as well as numerous black and white images of Kiyooka's artwork.


All Amazed is a welcome addition to the small but growing corpus of critical writings on the poet, painter, photographer and teacher, Roy Kiyooka. Edited by the organizers of a conference on Kiyooka held in Vancouver in 1999, this volume of essays, reflections, poems, and photograhs successfully conveys the collaborative spirit, multidisciplinarity, energy, and intimacy that characterized the unique event.
-Canadian Literature 183

- Canadian Literature

With his experimental sensibility and his constant search for new forms, Kiyooka occupies an important place within Canadian art as one of its truly multi-disciplinary artists.

-Canadian Art

- Canadian Art

This book is both a valuable research tool and an important stepping-stone towards establishing the full breadth of Roy Koyooka's contribution to Canadian culture.

-BC Studes

- BC Studies

A small book of writings that developed from The Roy Kiyooka Conference at ECIAD in October, 1999--which itself was a retrospective gathering.

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- Preview