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Hunting With Diana

Spare and incisive, these stories present a voyeuristic glimpse into imperfect lives rooted in philosophies and deities, imbued with love, humour, and irony. Davey Bryant is an aging gay man who, while ...

Time of the Kingfishers

A rich, elegiac novel about family, friendship, and loyalty featuring Watmough's protagonist Davey Bryant. As the compassionate and witty narrator, Davey leads the reader through various upheavals in ...

I Can Fix Anything

By Gary Whitehead
Categories: Fiction

These disarming, dark-humoured stories are populated by men and women who are strangers to each other as well as to themselves, grappling with rules of conduct in order to find reasonable ways to live ...


By Tom Walmsley
Categories: Fiction

A mass murderer, a musician, a dominatrix, and a private eye gather around a game of Snakes and Ladders on New Year's Day. Lenore is waiting to murder, A. J. is waiting to die, Roxanne waits to usher ...