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The Dad Dialogues - A Correspondence on Fatherhood (and the Universe)

The Dad Dialogues

A Correspondence on Fatherhood (and the Universe)

By George Bowering & Charles Demers
Categories: Biography & Memoir, Humour
Paperback : 9781551526621, 240 pages, 2016


Charles Demers is a thirtysomething comedian and the author of three books; George Bowering is eighty, Canada's first poet laureate, and the author of more than eighty books. Charlie and George are also the best of friends. And the fathers of daughters.

In this unique book of correspondence, these two men from different generations write to each other about the burdens, anxieties, and singular joys of parenthood. The letters begin as Charlie and his wife discover they will become parents; he expresses his hopes and fears of impending fatherhood, compounded by his OCD and his own father's illness, while George recalls his experiences raising a daughter in the 1970s and his anxieties about bringing a child into a troubled world.

Together, their thoughtful, funny, candid missives reveal what fathers know (or don't know) about raising daughters, as well as themselves and each other. Their combined observations make for a passionate, funny, and moving portrait of fatherhood in all its imperfect, beautiful glory.


A thoughtful, amusing book which should spark a lot of conversations about fathering, daughters, housework and diapers. -Vancouver Sun

An engagingly written look at fatherhood. Despite an almost fifty year age difference, Charles and George align on most aspects of what it's like to be a father, how marriage gets affected, and what babies are really like.
-The Ormsby Review

Confident and amusing, poignant and thoughtful . .. Strong undercurrents--of dread, anxiety, and fear--contribute the sense that funny episodes aside, parenting isn't for the faint of heart.