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Double Melancholy

According to Didier Eribon, melancholy is where it all starts and where it also ends: the lifelong process of mourning that each homosexual experiences, and through which they construct their own identity. ...

Shut Up You're Pretty

In Tea Mutonji's disarming debut story collection, a woman contemplates her Congolese traditions during a family wedding, a teenage girl looks for happiness inside a pack of cigarettes, a mother reconnects ...

Major Misconduct

Every night in hockey arenas across Canada and the United States, modern-day gladiators drop their gloves and exchange bare-fisted blows to the bloodthirsty roars of the paying public. Tens of millions ...

The Woo-Woo


Shortlisted for the Hilary Weston Writers' Trust of Canada Prize for Nonfiction

In this jaw-dropping, darkly comedic memoir, a young woman comes of age in a dysfunctional Asian ...

Arielle Twist interviewed by Terese Marie Mailhot for Pacific Standard

By Arsenal Pulp August 13, 2019 Tags: Arielle Twist, Disintegrate/Dissociate

Three Indigenous literary sensations in conversation: Arielle Twist, author of the poetry collection Disintegrate/Dissociate, and Alicia Elliott are interviewed by Terese Marie Mailhot for Pacific Standard magazine.

Job opportunity! Book designer/production manager

By Arsenal Pulp August 14, 2019

We're looking for a full-time book designer/production manager to oversee the design and production of our printed and digital books and other materials.

Tom Sciacca

Tom Sciacca is a Bronx-born artist/writer/journalist/filmmaker. In high school, he met future Marvel superstar George Perez, and the two bonded over their mutual love of comics. The duo started working ...

Ray Felix

Ray Felix is a Bronx native born in 1973. His comics include Bronx Heroes 1.0: Runaway Slave, Bronx Heroes 2.0: The Greatest Hero Black Power, Heavy Traffic, Enter: The Roach and A World Without Superheroes ...

Bronx Heroes in Trumpland

The Bronx Heroes take on their biggest foe of all, President Donald Trump, in this hilarious and boldly subversive comic book.

Astron Star Soldier is an astronaut/alien warrior who first appeared in Tom ...

The Home Stretch

A moving, honest memoir about a man who returns to his rural hometown to take care of his cranky elderly father.

George K. Ilsley explores his complex relationship with his aging father in this candid ...