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Heart-thumping pride reads from Arsenal Pulp Press. Discover our hottest titles exploring queer lust, love, breakups, and sex—hand-picked by the Arsenal Pulp Press team—just in time for your pride celebrations! Shop.

Pride Sale (Extended!) + Heart-Thumping Pride Reads

By Arsenal Pulp Date: June 01, 2024 Tags: Pride Month, Pride sale, reading lists, LGBTQ2S+

We ♥ books and we ♥ queer love!

We’re extending our annual pride sale:

Take 30% off on all LGBTQ2S+ titles (with FREE shipping to Canada & the US) until August 6, 2024.*

Use this code at checkout: PRIDE

(*Minimum order $25. Free shipping to Canada & the US, regular postal rates only. Offer expires on Tuesday, August 6, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PT.)

Heart-Thumping Pride Reads

from Arsenal Pulp Press

Discover our hottest titles for all genders and genres—hand-picked by the Arsenal Pulp Press team. These books explore queer lust, love, breakups, sex, and more!

Part 1: Young Queer Love

YA fiction & graphic novels

Is there anything as simultaneously innocent and cursed as young love? From secret crushes to chaotic bisexual love triangles, we have a YA read that will warm—or break—your heart this pride season.

Part 2: Adult Content

Books featuring queer sex, kink, sex work & horny ghosts

We f*ck with LGBTQ2S+ books, especially those that celebrate queer desire, sex work, kink, and sexual expression!

Whether you’re into seductive verse, kinky dungeon dalliances, or hot & heavy hookups on dating apps, we’ve got a seductive read ready to slide right onto your bedside TBR pile.

Part 3: Love... It's Complicated

Fiction & graphic novels

We <3 queer books and we <3 queer love (for a lot of us, our first-ever queer loves were books recommended to us by undercover friend-of-Dorothy librarians or intro English literature professors).

Queer love is a lot of things, and the top two words that come to mind are “exhilarating” and “messy.” If you’re looking for fiction & graphic novels that portray the ups and downs of queer love with gorgeous prose and imagery, we’ve got no shortage of books to break, heal, and re-break your heart.