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Quickies 3

The third installment of the bestselling international gay men's erotica series, consisting of stories of 1,000 words or less that articulate desire between men.

Previous books in the series have made ...

Random Acts of Hatred

The boy sleeps and dreams and wakes and feels the same. Different, but the same. The core of his body burns bright, hazy but strong. He's never felt so strong as he does now, on the verge of something ...

Quixotic Erotic

Step into a world of dream, of fantasy, of erotic tales spiked with poetic imagery. Step into Quixotic Erotic, the new collection of lesbian erotica from Tamai Kobayashi.

Like being awakened from a dream ...

Universal Recipients

By Dana Bath
Categories: Fiction

"In Japan, a person's blood type is as important as their horoscope. My type, like my grandmother's, is ab. This makes us universal recipients, able to receive blood from anyone, but give only to each ...

Queer Fear II

Queer Fear II builds on the successes of its predecessor, Queer Fear, the groundbreaking gay-themed horror anthology that Gothic. net called "the best horror anthology of [the year]," which won the Queer ...

In the Inner Quarters

By Ling Mengchu
Translated by Lenny Hu
Categories: Fiction, BIPOC, Asian Literature, Erotica

From translator Lenny Hu, who brought the acclaimed erotic Chinese novel The Embroidered Couch back into print, is this collection of five erotic stories, also from Ming dynasty China.
Ling Mengchu (1580-1644) ...

When X Equals Marylou

By Tamas Dobozy
Categories: Fiction

When X Equals Marylou collects stories about photographers, balding men, ghost chasers, doppelgangers, bibliophiles, and dystopian subversives, to name but a few. It's a mix not only of characters, but ...

One Man's Trash

In Close to Spider Man--which won a Danuta Gleed Literary Award--readers were introduced to the crystalline storytelling voice of Ivan Coyote. The talent evident in that first collection is confirmed ...

The Short, Happy Life of Harry Kumar

Ashok Mathur's debut novel, Once Upon an Elephant, was a hilarious murder mystery steeped in Hindu mythology and starring elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesh.
The Short, Happy Life of Harry Kumar continues ...

Hot & Bothered 3

The first two collections of Hot & Bothered have appeared on numerous bestseller lists in the US and Canada and gone into multiple printings, becoming a standard for hot lesbian fiction from around the ...