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Bronx Heroes in Trumpland

Bronx Heroes in Trumpland

By Ray Felix & Tom Sciacca
Categories: Humour, Graphic Novels & Non-Fiction, Politics
Paperback : 9781551528052, 112 pages, 2020


The Bronx Heroes take on their biggest foe of all, President Donald Trump, in this hilarious and boldly subversive comic book.

Astron Star Soldier is an astronaut/alien warrior who first appeared in Tom Sciacca's Astral Comics #1 in 1977. Black Power is an African American superhero, war veteran, and former boxer who first appeared in Ray Felix's comic A World Without Superheroes in 1993. As the Bronx Heroes dedicated to fighting criminals and eradicating injustice, they join forces to confront their greatest foe ever - an evil supervillain named Donald Trump.

Trump is a toupee-wearing scoundrel plotting to use mind control to vanquish America after first conquering the five boroughs of New York. With his help of the evil prince Putin and his MAGA hat-wearing goon named Gorka, Trump is determined to build walls, create divisiveness, and destroy the media. Astron Star Soldier and Black Power resolve to defeat Trump and restore order but are hypnotized into helplessness by Trump's scheming FLOTUS. Can the Bronx Heroes succeed where Mueller, Hilary Clinton, and the US congress failed, and save the nation from itself?

Outlandish and recklessly funny, Bronx Heroes in Trumpland is a comic book that will make you believe in America again.