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Saigon Calling

Saigon Calling: Best Graphic Novels of 2017 list by The Guardian (Dec 2017)

Marcelino Truong's stunning Saigon Calling has been named one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2017 by The Guardian.

Saigon Calling is a sequel to last year's Such a Lovely Little War, which was named one of the season's best graphic novels by the New York Times. Saigon Calling takes place from 1963 to 1975, when Marcelino's family fled the war in Vietnam for Swinging London, all while their homeland suffered the cruel fate of its civil war.

In its original review, The Guardian called it "a complex, finely judged and utterly riveting memoir ... It is an amazing achievement: a familiar story (Vietnam) told from (what was to me) an entirely new point of view, with great wit as well as pathos."

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